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  • Bitcoins can be hard to use & keep safe.
    bitSIM* puts MobileMoney, Bitcoins & Blockchain Assets on top of any exisiting SIM card.
    bitSIM* works on any mobile phone & on any sized SIM card
    bitSIM* is easy to use & virtually invisible for mass adoption & leverages growth with frictionless ecosystem features including:
    1. virtualSIM - IMSI carrier keys
    2. mobile Money
    3. mobile Banking 
    4. mobile IDentity
    5. Extensible Platform for Developer Community

    Fuzo Group of Companies (formally known as bitSIM*) has been seed funded originally by Seedco.in as a converged bitcoin investment to deliver on Global Mobile Remittance opportunity enabled by mobile & Bitcoin. Follow-on investment (closing out our seed round) is now completed, by Coinsilium Ltd as part of their AIM Markets Listing
    This is a $1 Trillion Market opportunity that is serviced right now by usurious providers such as Western Union and others.
    There are over 2.5 Billion Adults in the world that are UnBanked and quite a few more that are UnderBanked.
    Bitcoin & Blockchain services have become one of the technology disruptors to bootstrap entire populations out of poverty or "System D" lifecycles.
    There are over 7 Billion SIMs out there in the world that we can address with bitSIM, the opportunity is huge.
    In the Future, over 50 Billion SIMs are targeted for uptake via the Internet of Things (IoT) so by 2020 there is a large variety of follow-on services.

    Tweet by Jon Matonis - image Adapted from @babuski99
    World Bank Figures for Remittance Corridors  - Tweet by Jon Matonis - image Adapted from @babuski99
    Interview with David Glance at The Inside Bitcoins conference. July 9-10, 2014
    Click ^above^ screen snap for Inside Bitcoin Blockchain Infrastructure Interview with David Glance, 2014
    Presentation at Cryptocon Sydney 24-July-2014
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    Video Intro to bitSIM*
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    introduction to bitSIM OverlaySIM
    thank you @BlockZombie
  • What is bitSIM*

    bitSIM* Platform is a "chip to cloud" quad -play, its a secure platform for developers, consumers and nextgen payment providers to leverage and introduce bitcoin & blockchain services on top of existing mobile infrastructure. bitSIM* apps can include: mIDentity, mBanking, mCommerce, mRemittance as well as mGaming and other infotainment apps.
    bitSIM* SIM is a PIN secure hardware token, it is based on JavaCard core on chip wafer and second dedicated SIM communications interface chip mounted on flex track with embedded virtual SIM firmware and mobility and multiple IMSI Carrier ID strategies deployed. - Think - Just in Time Local Calling - NoRoaming

    bitSIM* Fused-ID puts the individual consumer in charge of their Bitcoin private key(s) Additional digital assets are also authenticated under their own independent SIM token, a variety of security profiles can be deployed using PIN Authentication to Cloud based Services. Multi-Sig services protect user against SIM loss or theft.

    bitSIM* Technology Stack includes a SIM App Store environment to host mIDentity, mBanking & mCommerce or mRemittance Java Apps. There is extra space for Gaming and Infotainment Apps to be deployed. These SIMlets can be updated by the customer once the bitSIM* overlay is installed & activated using byte code reloads over the air (OTA).

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